Shakti Power: Hedy Lamarr


Internationally know as glamorous movie star who had even been dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world”, very few realize that Hedy Lamarr, was a lonely immigrant channeling an inner Thomas Edison.

The famour star set aside one room in her home, had a drafting table installed with the proper lighting and tools – and had a whole wall in the room of engineering reference books. That was where she “invented.” All this without any apparent training or education in engineering and technology.

Hedy_17With an incredibly creative and inventive mind, Hedy constantly saw solutions where other saw problems. Some of her unpatented inventions included improved traffic stoplights, a better kleenex box, and a tablet that would dissolve in water to create a carbonated drink.

But as the genius behind “frequency hopping”, the idea of having both the transmitter and the receiver simultaneously jump from frequency to frequency, Hedy was in essence, the inventor of WiFi! Today, frequency hopping is very widely used in a variety of applications – from wireless phones in our homes, to GPS, to most military communication systems.

“You are a creative soul who maintains the beauty of lightness, by seeing solutions rather than problems, and opportunities rather than challenges.”

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