Please view latest Mind Map of April 28 here.

The last call was most rich; much thanks to all that participated.

  • Srs Linda & Nora shared on the BK/YMCA YouthWeek event in Calgary (accessing the unlimited potential within)
  • Sr Vheena shared on the 55+ Retreat in PeaceVillage (creative and guiding force of the ‘inner child’)
  • Sr Tanya shared on the NAYA conversation, especially AOG (the call of the time to respond to a current culture of bullying)
  • Sr Johanne shared on evening murli experience (contentment touches hearts of souls)
  • Br Raj shared on murli revision in Toronto (addressing the season’s homework)
  • Sr Christy sang!
  • Discussion focused on “Heart of a Brahmin” (PDF version of Mind Map)

Proposed Next Meeting: Sunday, May 12 (3:00pm MDT  |  5:oopm EDT)
Please confirm ability to attend.

Focus: Aligning my own heart, and supporting others in aligning
Suggested Image: In physical terms, when the rib cage expands, the body naturally aligns…Baba gives us the awareness which helps us to expand (for example, “World Bestower”), and this brings us into alignment, that is, activates our innate capacities…naturally

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