Happy UN International Happiness Day!

March 20Today, March 20, is the United Nations declared “International Day of Happiness”! For details, please visit http://www.un.org/en/events/happinessday/

It’s a wonderful day to reflect on what happiness really is: A reaction to someone or something? A temporary state of feeling, that is, delayed sorrow? An emotion? Or, could it possibly be an intrinsic state of being; that it is conceivable to be constantly happy – no matter what is going on

In Bhutan, which uses GNH (Gross National Happiness) to measure the value of the country (visit http://bit.ly/TAcrNp), their unwavering commitment to focusing on the inner well-being of each citizen is considered to be the best possible investment a government can make with respect to the stability, longevity and prosperity of a nation. Perhaps then, happiness is a form of wealth. True, inner wealth. By injecting pure feelings into our internal economies, there is the removal of debt (sorrow) and creation of profit (happiness). It’s quite easy…the pure act of being precious beyond words (unconditionally precious, which means NOT because of what you do, who you know, what you have or where you’ve been)…just experiencing the treasure of you, naturally activates that inner, endless reservoir of happiness!

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